Creepyhollows Fraud Repot 5:


Metaphysical sellers auction djinn, vampires, dragons, spirits, and all kinds of haunted junk. Somebody has been busy watching too much TV. People get real and take a closer look. Real metaphysical sellers sell items for under $50. The new scam is to mix low cost items with high cost items to trick the buyer. Real metaphysical sellers never charge more than $50. The real metaphysical sellers aren't as flashy as the screw job sellers. The sellers name all kinds of reasons why their items cost more. They need to make excuses for asking outrageous prices. They make all kinds of claims and the end result is always the same. The only ones getting rich are the sellers. October is coming and the stories will fly. The sellers are hungry for bait. Real metaphysical sellers frown on selling items for personal gain forbidden in the world of magic. Buyers are tricked into thinking if it costs more than $50 the item must be better. The sale is motivated by greed and causes great harm to the buyers. Honest metaphysical sellers don't use the catch all word haunted. They comprehend the forbidden interference with the universe to fill greedy pockets. A buyer won money after purchasing a haunted ring. He immediately thought it was the ring. As time went by he was hit with a wave of bad luck and a string of medical visits. The man didn't understand the luck was his alone and not the ring. He put his trust in the seller and the greedy aura consumed him. He had a reading with Chip Coffey and freed himself from the items. He tossed the rings into the garbage. The man didn't stop believing in magic. He held the magic within himself. He purchased low cost market value items under $50 from metaphysical sellers that aided him with his own destiny with the universe. Seller creepyhollows rambled why haunted items cost more categorizing items. Creepyhollows motive is greed and an excuse to ask for outrageous profit. There are thirteen sellers to avoid, the worst of the worst. They are part of shill bidding scams; buy it now tricks, and every trick imaginable to rip buyers off. The sellers list five buy it now and purchases three. The trick is to get the buyers to think the sellers are popular and trusted. Out of five buy it now two sales are real. The seller requests listing fee back from ebay for three items and profits two sales. Honest metaphysical sellers don't mix cost and every item cost $50 or less. The aura is honest and helpful and not harmful. Support you honest metaphysical sellers who auction at fair market value for under $50.

The UAMD members are very much alive. New sellers don't rise to the top without help. The UAMD members have new selling accounts and shill bid their way to the top. Do detective work and figure out the UAMD members slash new sellers? They disguise the new accounts they still sell under their old UAMD account just not as much.

Creepyhollows forum is a joke .The lady claims to be Ebay's biggest seller. She sold hundreds of duplicates and enchanted pet treats. Pets got sick and buyers found out she purchased wholesale from Teeda. She whipped up a new story claiming she used teeda for her castings. The lady has bogus excuses for everything. Creepyhollows is a fake and her McDonald fan club following is a joke. Creepyhollows group of friends made it to her sellers you love group. The sellers she didn't like were crucified. Creepyhollows is a cunning woman without a heart.

Moonstar7spirits and starry1_night are sisters. Oops their secret is out. They have a shill bidding alliance with similar auctions that rotate. They recommend the other to their customers. starry1_night should put up a real picture of herself instead of the fake one of the pretty woman. Moonstar7spirits trashes sellers and buyers. Moonstar7spirits called a buyer retarded. Look it up under her feedback. Moonstar7spirits has mutually withdrawn feedback. She threatened the buyers to remove the negatives. Look back under her feedback. Moonstar7spirits claimed to be gay and had a gay site to get the gay community's business. She lied and would do anything for a fast buck.

Stacid33 former washed up metaphysical seller closed account uses one of her much older account she sold racing products check out her user ID history

Mystic_travels got busted buying off ebay and reselling for hundreds more four of her buyers left feedback with proof mystic_travels closed the account claiming it was hack I guess she never hear of changing the password another bogus excuse. 

mother_elizabeth mystic_travels hauntedadventures chinagrl77 spell_bound_magick wintermournings were suspended for shill bidding in 2006 they formed the shill bidding UAMD alliance they have more than one selling account and shill bid away

Blessingsalways slash energytravels slash energytwinkles how many names does the seller have claims to be a Salem witch someone drop a house on the lady and steal her ruby slippers. If blessingsalways has that many names how many metaphysical accounts does she have? She's a scumbag.

2piratesbringutreasure admitted she hired a crack addict to help her with her auctions the apple doesn't fall far from the tree 2piratesbringutreasure sees the dead after one too many drinks

New sellers have joined the outrageous overpriced thieves. October, November, and December are busy months for the frauds on ebay. Keep your money in your pocket and buy from honest sellers who auction at fair market values. Bad luck, illnesses, and other trigger factors will happen when you buy from the worst of the worst greedy sellers. Life will turn into a mess after you buy from the top thirteen worse sellers? Stop buying from the greedy and purchase from the real metaphysical sellers at fair market value under $50. Watch for rebuttals. The top thirteen worse sellers pose under different names pretending to be supportive buyers defending themselves and their greedy actions.

snowflake, Arizona

Followup: sounds like you have a personal grugde

This report sounds like a personal grudge against some of the ebay sellers. I didn't really see anything useful in your post, venting your feelings is fine, but making up stuff does not help. I am sure that their are some real scammers, but the feedback would show this. Buyers are pretty smart, if they get ripped off they says so, no positive feedback and don't retract it. My question is how do you know all this stuff? I happen to know a lot of inside stuff about how ebay works, shill bidding and buying your own stuff is not an option, you don't get a second chance.

I wish you would include my website address too

I was sent this by most likely the poster. I'm really mad because I would like it if you would also post my website. It is

While shill bidding and all the other stuff said here is false but I LOVE the free advertising!

Please include my website next time. I don't even sell on Ebay except maybe once or twice a year.

My website is please visit for a great time. The forum is also a great place to meet new people and talk about the paranormal.


Dee Dee

Ourview: Some good points were made against Creepy.  We want to focus on the one where she sells hundreds of dupilcate items.  This is very true.  Look at her web site, her Ebay store, her web store, and her very own auction site.  She has more than that you know!

Creepy, you are a scam!

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